Buildmate - mobile 2015


  • Designer


  • Photoshop

Created in photoshop and designed for mobile, this proof of concept design was put together to illustrate the requirements of a project dashboard for the Buildmate web application.

Mock-up screenshot of the Buildmate Mobile app

As a Dashboard the design needed to display important alerts and a high-level overview to illustrate project health across the users account. The main focus was therefore the Overdue Projects section at the top of the app. This area immediately draws the users attention to any outstanding or overdue quotes that customers are expecting imminently.

Below this, Annual Revenue gives a general sense of the financial health of all projects over the preceding 12 month period. The final section of the design displays all current project Status totals and gives Users a quick indication of their current workload, this is particularly important if projects are left in Unassigned. The idea behind the status system being that this should act as a workflow where projects move through Estimating and back to the Customer as an official quote as soon as possible.