Visualsoft Roadmap 2019


  • Front-end Developer


  • CSS
  • Gridsome
  • Netlify
  • Tailwind
  • Vue.js

As an ecommerce platform it became increasingly important to Visualsoft that they share their development plans with customers.

Challenges & Requirements

One aspect of this more transparent strategy meant the creation of a public facing Roadmap site that could be shared with customers. This would provide access to up-to-date information on product direction, a brief summary of individual features and their current status in the development process.

Screenshot of Visualsoft's Roadmap site

Actions & Outcomes

Using Gridsome and Netlify, it was incredibly quick to put together a website that offered great performance metrics out of the box. Combining a Static Site Generator with Netlify's slick and intuitive integrations with Github deployments we were able to:

  • Build & Deploy quickly
  • Maintain the site easily
  • Provide blazingly fast Performance

Gridsome's tagline is "Fast by default" and it didn't disappoint.


Looking at the performance screenshots taken from below it's easy to see why Static Site Generators and the JAM Stack are really shaking up the industry.

Screenshot of the Buildmate web application